We are VAST
Our studio is built on the curiosity for conceptdriven design, exploring new ideas and the desire to replace noise with meaningfulness in modern design. We believe in open and honest communication and wholehearted solutions. We embrace and encourage change in our work lives as well as in our personal lives.

Janina - Designer, Project Manager

Janina is always looking for patterns among the noise. She loves to travel and sketch new landscapes and people. She enjoys crafting things by hand.

She is a multi-instrumentalist and singer and often takes her ukulele to the streets and writes beautiful lethargic songs and laconic stories.

From an early age Janina had a passion for creativity and after a brief detour graduating in pharmacy she turned to graphic design.

Felix - Strategist, Designer

Felix is a minimalist. He is passionate about the outdoors and feels drawn to vast and barren landscapes. He loves taking his work outside, whether it is to focus on the details of project or write a concept.

He has been involved in archery for almost 20 years; as an archer, as a voluntary coach at the local club, he even ran a small archery shop in his spare time.

Before studying design, he spent 4 years at Lufthansa as an aero engine technician.

We collaborate with skilled people around the world with expertise in web design, photography, illustration and film to support our projects.